• Do you want to be paying road tax and insurance for someone else?
  • Do you want to receive fines in the post that you can’t provide evidence against?
  • Do you want to risk your family being pulled over for crimes they didn’t commit?
  • Do you want points on your license because of a crime someone else committed?

Protect your vehicle. Protect your identity.


VCP uses innovative technology to help you protect your vehicle against car cloning and theft. Easily plug the device into your car and we will take care of the rest.​
  • Instantly identify when someone is a victim of car cloning.
  • Take away the financial and mental burden by dealing with unlawful fines.
  • Provide evidence and proof so that you are not wrongly accused.
  • Communicate with the authorities on your behalf.

The number of cars being cloned in the UK has quadrupled over the past six years. And the number of penalty charge notices being cancelled by local authorities due to car cloning has skyrocketed.

Find out how to protect your vehicle from criminals with VCP.